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Assistive Technology

  • Discovery & Assessment

  • Collaboration

  • Implementation & Training

  • Integration

Tech4Impact will collaborate with you regarding your Technology/Assistive Technology (AT) needs. We are committed to impacting lives through the use of technology to increase accessibility to products, devices, services, and environments.

Our 4 Step Process

1. Discovery - It all begins with learning about your strengths and goals. Combining that information with creativity and assessments, potential assistive technology will be suggested. 

2. Collaboration - Together we will evaluate and collaborate to determine how the potential assistive technology meets your goals. You decide what fits best.

3. Implementation/Training - You will receive one-on-one training to help you feel comfortable with and learn how to set up and operate your assistive technology.

4. Integration - Together we will collaborate on stategies to integrate your assistive technology into your daily living

Assisting Individuals or Businesses

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