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Today, keeping up with technology usually means navigating frustration and perpetual changes. Sometimes this may leave you – and even us – feeling a bit confused and lost. We want to leverage whatever knowledge and experience we have to help you unravel technology and unlock its power, so you feel more relaxed as you are Living, Learning, Working, and Playing. We work with Individuals with and without Disabilities, as well as Agencies & Businesses in a growing number of areas:


Not sure what technology can do to assist you in meeting your goals? Check out our articles and videos geared to meeting your living, learning, working, and playing goals.

Assistive Technology

Refers to any device – however high or low tech – which can be used to overcome an impairment or barrier of some kind. Together we will evaluate and collaborate to meet your goals.

Smart Home Technology

Used to control your environment (Door Access, Lighting, Temperature, & More) through mobile devices and verbal commands.

General Technology

We offer assistance with the setup and navigation of just about any type of general technology, however complex or simple it might be.

Accessible Websites

Whether you are a non-profit, small business, or large corporation, we'll help you provide relevant and accessible web content.

Ergonomic Assessments

Evaluation of your work station, job tasks, and tools for the purpose of increasing efficiency, identifying and decreasing exposure to risk factors that can leave you feeling fatigued and cause repetitive injuries.


Whether you are trying to setup a new device or learn a new application, we’ve got your back. We will help you to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be.


Learn the possibilities of how assistive and general technology can assist you or your audience in meeting your goals.

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