This morning, I woke to a nice email from Microsoft Office letting me know when my Windows 10 would be available. At the bottom was the question "Absolutely can't wait?". It was like they were reading my mind as today was the day I planned to install Windows 10. Microsoft provided instructions on how I could use the Media Creation Tool to install immediately. How awesome!

So after reviewing the instructions and finding an extra USB drive, I went about creating my USB "Installation Media" You may also directly download, but I knew we would be completing additional installations. I would say I was slightly nervous about updating, but I felt the need to move ahead so Tech4Impact can provide support.

My first impression of Windows 10 - it takes the best qualities of Windows 7 and combines it with the best qualities of Windows 8 giving it both a fresh and familiar feel. The start menu is back which you can see in the gallery. And Microsoft's new browser "Edge" is faster than Chrome and Firefox. I was ready to be disappointed but it was hard to be. If they would just make an android Edge App then I could easily integrate back and forth between my mobile and laptop. My new favorite part is the mark up feature available. So far all my software is performing well which includes: Microsoft Office, Kaspersky Total Security, Chrome, Adobe CS6, and more. I'll provide updates should I find any issues. Also, the websites that we design and maintain appear to be functioning well in Microsoft Edge with one minor exception (or at least I think its minor).

If you need any help updating to Windows 10, please contact us, we have already downloaded Windows 10 Home and Pro versions.

Happy downloading - Kevin


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Governor Branstad announces appointments to Iowa's boards and commissions on July 1, 2015.

Tech4Impact's Kevin Dalin was appointed by Governor Branstad to the Iowa's Statewide Independent Living Council (SILC).

What Is The SILC?

The Iowa Statewide Independent Living Council (SILC) is an independent nonprofit corporation whose Council Members are appointed by the Governor, and a majority of whom are persons with disabilities. Under the federal Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the SILC has the responsibility to plan for the coordination and expansion of independent living services in Iowa, and to promote the development of a statewide network of Centers for Independent Living (CILs).

The SILC Mission is to strengthen the voice of Iowans with disabilities on issues affecting their lives, to build a statewide network of centers for independent living, and to collaborate with our partners in advancing the independence, productivity, and full inclusion of Iowans with disabilities.


See Official Announcement Here



Logos for National Rehabilitation Association and Job Placement Development Division

Tech4Impact's very own, Kevin Dalin will be presenting at this webinar. 

Sponsored by: National Rehabilitation Association/Job Placement Development Division

Job Placement Collaboration: How Google Drive and Dropbox can help you Collaborate
with Employers and Job Candidates

Webinar, Wednesday June 10, 2015 Noon to 1PM *Central Standard Time

Google Docs & Dropbox

What is this?
How this tool can be used in placement services
What kind of documents can be used?
How do you create an account?
Advantages? Accesses anywhere, edit mode
Any dis-advantages?

JPD Member: $19.98 JPD Non-member: $30.00

Click here for flyer

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