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Windows 10 - Users of Assistive Technology - Update available through 2017-12-31


More Change

I know, I know – you're rolling your eyes – you're comfortable with the Windows version you have now. Why would you ever want to go through an update to find that everything has changed. I hear you loud and clear. Windows upgrades have been met with severe changes that a lot of times leaves both you and I confused. If you can get through one more with Windows 10, you will find it easier in the future. Microsoft is telling us that this will be the last version that will contain those really big changes. Their model going forward will be to roll out smaller changes that are more manageable and automated similar to apps on your smart phone.

As you may have heard, the free upgrade program for most users ended July 29th of 2016. However, those of you who use assistive technology or the accessibility features from Windows still have time. But there is not much time left as this opportunity goes away on December 31st.

Do I Qualify

Microsoft isn't restricting the upgrade offer to any specific assistive technology. It may include anyone using Windows built in features such as magnifier, narrator, Cortana, or even keyboard shortcuts. If you are not familiar with the accessibility features built in, please check out their Windows Accessibility Page which provides features from Windows 7-10. For Microsoft the word "assistive" and "accessibility" seem to be used interchangeably.

What Do I Need To Do

This upgrade is especially helpful for those of you on Windows 7 as Microsoft will end its support of the operating system beginning 2020 which is just 2 years away. So, if you are looking to squeeze as much life out of your current computer as possible, this is a great opportunity,

Here are the steps to upgrade from Windows 7, 8, or 8.1

        • Before you begin, check to ensure that your assistive technology software is Windows 10 ready. Older versions of your software may not be supported in Windows 10, so you may need to update those first.
        • Once ready, go to Microsoft's Assistive Support Page
        • Click on the Upgrade Now Button to download the upgrade.
        • You will likely want to set aside 1-2 hours to complete the upgrade.
        • Follow the unscreen instructions.
Stay Informed

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