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Making Gaming Accessible

Image by MicrosoftThe DiscoveryA few weeks ago I had the pleasure of visiting the assistive technology lab at Craig Hospital, an elite rehabilitation hospital housed in Englewood, Colorado which specializes in the treatment of patients with spinal cord injury and/or traumatic brain injury. I always enjoy visiting the tech lab when I return to Craig...

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Makers Making ChangeToday I want to tell you about an initiative that is using design and creation of assistive technology to positively impact the lives of people with disabilities. It is called "Makers Making Change." This program is a part of the Neil Squire Society, a national Canadian nonprofit organization. The vision of the Neil Squire Socie...

Sick and tired of the constant battle to find accessible parking? Are you able to find accessible parking spaces but frequently unable to use them due to someone else's parking violations? You are not alone!​My ExperienceI cannot possibly count the number of times I have parked in a van accessible parking space only to find that when I go to leave,...

Assuming AccessibilityHave you ever tried to visit a local restaurant with friends, only to find that there are stairs leading to the entrance and no wheelchair ramp in sight? How about visiting a local concert venue and finding that there are a very limited number of wheelchair accessible seats? Better yet, what about the ever-dreaded bathroom iss...

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