About Us - Tackling Technology

If you are like most of the people we work with, you are likely using technology on some level. You sense that it can help make life accessible and make you and others more productive while you Live, Learn, Work, and Play.

You want to live this vision of your life, but it feels like there’s no time for it. Just when you feel like you are starting to tackle technology a new update arrives. You are regularly frustrated with what is supposed to be easy to use. You feel a bit shortchanged.

We've been there, too. We know what it feels like to struggle with technology. We want to leverage whatever we know, whatever experience we have, to help unravel technology so you may unlock its power and feel more relaxed.

Who we are

We are a group of professionals working to improve accessibility to technology and through technology. We come from unique backgrounds but share one thing in common – a personal experience with disability, giving us unique experiences and skill sets.

What we do

Tech4Impact offers a variety of consulting services to individuals and businesses in the areas of assistive technology and digital presence. We will work alongside you to solve problems together.

Why we do it

We want to make the world a more accessible place for people with disabilities by unlocking the power of technology through training. We are committed to increasing accessibility to products, devices, services, and environments.

Our Team

Creative and talented individual to support your goals.

Kevin Dalin, MS, CRC

Kevin Dalin, MS, CRC

Consultant & Trainer

Originally founding the company as a hobby business while attending graduate school, he ultimately combined his love of technology with rehabilitation counseling to help individuals with disabilities meet their goals while they live, learn, work, and play.

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