Navigating the Technology Landscape

Today, technology means navigating perpetual changes, and sometimes this may leave you and us feeling a bit confused and lost. We want to leverage whatever we know, whatever experience we have to help unravel technology, so you may unlock its power and feel more relaxed while integrating it into work, home, school, and play. We work with Individuals with and without Disabilities, Agencies, & Businesses in a growing number of areas:

Assistive Technology (AT)

Together we will evaluate and collaborate to determine how potential assistive technology meets your goals.

Smart Home Technology

Control your environment (Door Access, Lighting, Temperature, & More) through mobile devices and verbal commands.

General Technology

Help with setting up computers, printers, your new TV, and more. You name it we likely can assist you at wherever your technology is located

Accessible Websites

Whether you are a non-profit/small business or a large corporation, We'll help you provide relevant and accessible web content

Ergonomic Assessments

Ever wonder why your tired and fatigued after working at your computer for the day? Might be time to look how your work area is set up

Technology Training

Learning new software & devices while navigating perpetual changes can be challenging. Let us provide one-on-one or group training

Technology Consultation

Not sure how to implement a technology related project? We can help bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be

Group Speaking

Learn the possibilities of how assistive and general technology can assist you or your audience in meeting your goals

A Collaborative Process

We are a technology consultant firm committed to making life accessible through powerful, flexible strategies. We deliver comprehensive services related to all things technology

Explore Our Works

We cover from Assistive Technology, Smart Technology, General Technology to Training and Speaking. Our experience working with diverse clients across all forms of technology gives us a chance to optimize our solutions.

Explore Our Works

We develop "Smart is Simple" solutions to adapt to any client at any level.

Explore Our Works

Teachers Heart

We all start somewhere, and we want to support your technology journey wherever you begin.

Simple is Smart

We will strive to find relevant "Simple is Smart' solutions to creatively reach your goals.


You're an integral part. With your collaboration during the process, we find a workable solution.

Frustrated By Technology?